Following the untimely passing of Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum in 2021, the legendary Shadwell Aberdeen Angus Herd was dispersed at Skipton Mart in May 2022. The Shadwell dispersal offered Angus breeders the opportunity to buy foundation females from one of England’s most renowned and successful AA herds. Shadwell has bred numerous AA National Champions, as well as many Interbreed Champions across the UK’s major shows over the last 25 years. At Gigginstown, we are always investing in top quality genetics, which can improve the depth and quality of our Aberdeen Angus Herd, and the Shadwell dispersal was a once in a generation opportunity to acquire stock from one of the UK’s leading producers over the past 25 years. Joe O’Mahony successfully purchased 21 of the 94 cattle on sale, including Shadwell’s young Stock Bull (and Perth champion), Stouphill Master Prince W346 (born 2020), as well as 3 champion in-calf heifers Shadwell Black Bird (cost £11,506), Shadwell Evora (£15,750) and Shadwell Lady Heather (£12,600). These 21 pedigrees were purchased for €170,000, an avg. of over €8,400 each, which underlines both their quality, and the tremendous demand for these Shadwell Champions. Gigginstown Angus are pleased to have brought 21 of these Shadwell Champions to Ireland, and we look forward to offering their progeny to Irish breeders in the coming years. We believe they will deliver substantial outcross benefits for the Gigginstown Herd and for fellow Irish AA breeders. The Shadwell stock bull Stouphill Master Prince W346 will be on show at this year’s sale and if you wish to see some more of these outstanding Shadwell cattle, please request an appointment with Joe O’Mahony or Pascal Keegan.